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+60 10-911 2228 (Malaysia) +1 (732) 333-8882 (New York)

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創優集團是您旅遊品牌。我們集中於品質、經驗和提供最佳的服務。我們的旅遊配套專註於提供樂趣,休閑及度假到世界各地。我們的聲譽是建基於我們的品牌價值信托、服務速度和配套的選擇。 創優集團產品與服務提供獨特的價值給我們的顧客。這些都是旨在增強和補充我們屢獲殊榮的公司提供的旅行體驗。隨著產品專註於品質,經驗和最佳的服務,創優求獲得全用戶滿意及貴重資產。

Ideamas is your travel brand. We focus on quality, experience and best-in-class service. We specialize in travel packages to fun, leisure, holiday, and vacation destinations around the globe. Our reputation is built on our brand values of Trust, Speed and Choice.
Ideamas Product & Services provide unique value to our customers. These are designed to enhance and complement the travel experience delivered by our award-winning company. With offerings focused on quality, experience and best-in-class service, Ideamas seeks to obtain the most valuable asset of all — customer satisfaction.

👉🏻Ideamas Tours & Travel S/B (Malaysia)
✔️MoTAC License: KPK/LN 6665
✔️Inbound / Outbound / Ticketing
✔️MATTA Member: MA 3979
✔️Company Reg. No: 861443-W

👉🏻Ideamas Tours & Travel Inc (New York)
✔️ROC: 4481803

We pride ourselves on innovative.

Malaysia Online Travel Platform. Search and book hundreds of travel packages wherever you go. Whether you are going for honeymoon getaway, family holiday or exploring the world.

Awards & Recognition

2018 – “深受游客欢迎-全球卓越品牌”由中华传媒CMN联合体主办

We are happy that Ideamas Tours & Travel S/B nominated for the Award. Co-hosted by china media group CMN, the 10th most popular tourist Excellence Brand Awards 2018.

We are a team of genius people.

We aim to always exceed our goals and the expectations of our customers. Travel isn’t just about good itinerary, great accommodation and nice meal. It’s what we do for people with them that counts. We’re committed to growing our travel footprint together with our customers.