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Change your place and get the fresh air

Tired of the city life and need a getaway to get a breather..literally?

Here’s a list of the best Travel destinations with the freshest air I have visited that had me gasping for more. From the great outdoors to mountain top experiences to coastal lookout points, there is something for whatever type of traveler you are.

1. South Africa

Beyond the wilderness and safaris that everyone knows South Africa for, it is also a stunning country for lovely trails and camping. Visit the Drakensberg, also known as ‘Dragon Mountains’ for 3 days to camp and do some day hikes. The weather was stunning and breezy.

2. Long Dong, Taiwan

Long Dong in Jiufen is a small quiet fishing village and also a popular place for sand stone rock climbing. Enjoy a lovely cool pacific ocean breeze while basking in the sun. You sure miss hearing the waves crashing against the cliffs as you scale those beautiful walls here in Long Dong Taiwan.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

Fresh air at the highest lookout point in Edinburgh. Pretty litte town surrounded by mountains. Edinburgh is indeed love at first sight. You will never get enough of the rustic city with its castles and mountains. A warm scarf around your neck makes the nice cold mountain valley air really enjoyable.

4. Mauritius

Stunning beauty of Mauritius. Yes this is a up and rising destination not just for honeymooners, but adventure seekers and people who just need some really good beach and fresh air. Missing that catamaran cruise out to see dolphins here in Mauritius already.

5. British Columbia, Canada

Canada has one of the most pristine beauty in the world. The Rockies, Lake Louise are just some of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Morning Dew and Fog passing through on this lookout point. You can smell and taste the fresh cold dew in air.

6. South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand, who can forget this destination, hidden at a quiet corner of the world, yet so amazingly beautiful for its snow capped mountains, multi shades of blue lake and fresh mountain air. Amazing weather and fresh air in New Zealand at Lake Wakatipu.

7. Maldives

The fresh goodness of Maldives air, sun and sea. Whisk to the Maldives for some great island life, sunset yoga and clean sea breeze. Every person who comes here for a getaway definitely leaves recharged. Walking on those sandy white beaches of Maldives private island.

8. Shiga Kogen, Japan

Enjoy fresh Japan goodness in Winter, on top of the ski slopes. Winter in Shiga Kogen, Japan is really the best season for me, with stunning snow-capped slopes that makes one gasp in sheer awe at the beauty.

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