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How to travel with paper map

The traditional paper map has no zoom in zoom out technology that we use in Google Maps. But they are more useful in certain cases. The advantages of the Travel with paper map are listed below.

  • Travelling  with Paper map is a handy tool

The paper map is a handheld thing which we can spread on a table or on the ground and we can discuss our tour plannings. Unlike the mobile application, travelling with a  paper map is a convenient way to discuss the planning with our co-travelers easily.

  • It doesn’t require network

To get the optimum results with a mobile map application you need to have the best network. But in certain remote areas, we won’t find any mobile network. The paper map doesn’t need a network or GPS system. It has various landmarks and particularly the distance is marked in the map, which will guide us to the destination correctly. Sometimes the mobile apps may give wrong information due to the mobile network loss.

  • It will not drain your phone battery

The mobile applications need battery life to work. For a one day trip, it is ok to use Google maps. But for a long trip to save the battery, the best option is to use the paper map for travelling.

  • The soothing experience of exploring places

While using a paper map you can touch and move through the map to locate various places. This will make you happy because you are exploring a new place. You will find that a Columbus is hidden in yourself! You will not get such a feeling while you use a high-end technology.

  • It can be a souvenir later

The paper map you used for a trip can be stored in a place as a souvenir. If you can’t buy anything from that place as a souvenir then your paper map can be used for it. Each time you open it you will find the best memories regarding it.

  • Paper maps give the bigger picture

Paper maps are designed on scales which give the user the bigger picture of the environment as opposed to specifics.

  • Are easier to understand due to the limited features

Paper maps are easier to understand due to the limited features shown on the maps at a time.

  • Paper maps are scaled hence give a holistic view of the area

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